The Dots magazine Milan 2019

The Dots magazine – Milan 2019

The Dots magazine Milan 2019

The Dots magazine 2019
celebrating 10 years of connecting the Dutch
Connecting the Dots

During the coming edition of Milan Design Week, which will take place between 9 and 14 April 2019, Connecting the Dots will be celebrating its tenth anniversary with a special edition that not only maps out the Dutch contributions to Milan Design Week, but also looks back at the most relevant and exciting episodes on the basis of 10 interviews with the designers and design studios that played a major role: Marjan van Aubel, Gijs Bakker, Scholten & Baijings, Pieke Bergmans, Tuttobene (Victor le Noble and David Heldt), Margriet Vollenberg, Mosa (Mireille Meijs), Wendy Plomp, Jacco Bregonje, and Marcel Wanders

If, ten years ago, you had tried to make sense of the wealth of Dutch presentations that manifested themselves in all shapes and sizes throughout the city during Milan Design Week, you would have been faced with an almost impossible task. No one had an overview. It strongly depended on your degree of knowledge and the degree in which you were involved in the network. Then came the initial idea of Connecting the Dots, which experience the international spread of Dutch Design from up close and now combines knowledge and insight at the most important time of the year in a guide that offers the international design fair visitor the tools not only to find the Dutch contributions, but also to provide context. It is not a commercial cash cow, but a strong focus on contents allows the magazine to present itself as a compendium that pays a great deal of attention and care to the contents, the intrinsic value, and the meaning of design in the Netherlands.

The playing field has now changed. Whereas 10 years ago, Dutch presentations were spread out over the city and presented their diversity, now uniformity in the presentation methods seems to be gaining weight. Fewer contrasts, more visibility seems to be the underlying idea; more format, less context. But there are also exceptions, such as Design Academy Eindhoven, Geke Lensink, Social Label, Maarten Olden, who all go their own way. Dutch Invertuals are also celebrating their tenth anniversary back in the place where it all began for them: the Isola district. Moooi has moved to Brera, where it is presenting new products in a more intimate atmosphere. An overview of these and all other 200+ exhibitors can be found at

This anniversary edition was developed with contributions by Viveka van de Vliet, Monique van Empel, Lucas Verweij, and Boudewijn Bollmann. The design is by Adrien Borderie. This Frenchman completed his master’s degree at St Joost in Breda and is now working from Rotterdam. Connecting the Dots is an English-language publication and is published in a bound edition of 8,000 copies distributed throughout Milan.
Design Language at the nhow Hotel at Via Tortona 35 is offering a retrospective of 10 years of Connecting the Dots. There, on the eve of the fair, on Monday 8 April, the festive presentation of the anniversary edition will take place.

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The Dots magazine - Milan 2019

The Dots magazine - Milan 2019

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