Joris de Groot

Studio Joris de Groot – Milan 2018

Joris de Groot

Studio Joris de Groot
Pleated Seat


Joris de Groot

Via Paisiello 6
20131 Milan

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Joris de Groot is a designer searching for the tension between craftsmanship and industry. Interested in collaborating with the industry, Joris creates his own workplace within the factory grounds. Once familiar with the process of the existing techniques, he experiments with the available machinery and materials for new innovative uses.

Inspired by the production processes of air filters, Studio Joris de Groot created the Pleated Seat collection. Supported by Low & Bonar, Joris collaborated with a factory with a specialization in laminating textiles and a factory specialized in pleating. Two processes that are important in the production of filters.

Joris de Groot
Westervoortsedijk 73 HE
6827 AV Arnhem

+31 (0)6 5324 4294

Opening time
Daily 10.00-20.00. Sun till 18.00

Award Evening
Thu 19 April 20.00-22.00

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