Anton Teeuw, Dennis Teeuw, Joris Kortenhorst

PLANQ – Milan 2018

Anton Teeuw, Dennis Teeuw, Joris Kortenhorst

REZIGN – from old clothing to contemporary design


Anton Teeuw, Dennis Teeuw, Joris Kortenhorst

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Via Varese 18, entrata Viale F. Crispi 5
20121 Milan

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PLANQ is an Amsterdam based design studio, established in 2015 by the twin brothers Anton & Dennis Teeuw and Joris Kortenhorst. Together they design and produce with respect for nature using recyclable and natural materials wherever possible. With their collection Rezign the young team aims to bridge the gap between contemporary design furniture and environmental consciousness. This by inspiring the world with their creativity and innovative way of leftover-use in contemporary designs.

Rezign is a collection of contemporary design furniture with the materials of tomorrow. Within the designs recycled textiles such as old jeans, army clothing, suits or even stewardess costumes find their new life within the product. The furniture itself is appealing on its own as a statement or as a set in a professional or private setting. But most of all as a storyteller on how else we can make use of leftovers in high-end applications.

Anton Teeuw
+31 (0)6 5349 5069

Opening time
Tue 17-22 Apr 10.00–20.00. Sun 22 Apr till 18.00

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