Lotte Douwes

Studio Lotte Douwes – Milan 2016

Lotte Douwes

Table Landscapes
and a vision on contemporary dynamic interiors
Studio Lotte Douwes

Lotte Douwes

Location 1
Dutch Satellite

Salone Satellite
Fiera Milano Rho
Milan Fairgrounds Rho
pad./pav. 13/15
Booth number D-13

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Studio Lotte Douwes

Studio Lotte Douwes

Lotte Douwes

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My designs are characterized by simple solutions that show the world around us from a different perspective. I enjoy incorporating the room, in particular the ceiling, into my designs, because it emphasizes the spacious feeling. By actually using the products, one creates a literal connection with the space and brings some dynamism into mostly static interiors.

New project ‘Table Landscapes’ is launched at Salone Satellite. Table Landscapes define the workspace on a table. Together with Lamp&Socket and the Table Talks collection they show my vision on a contemporary dynamic interior.

Lotte Douwes
Torenallee 50-08
5617 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 2233 7638

Opening time 
Daily 9.30 – 18.30

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