Aleksandra Gaca

Aleksandra Gaca – Textiles for Renault’s concept car SYMBIOZ – Milan 2018

Aleksandra Gaca

Textiles for Renault’s concept car SYMBIOZ
Aleksandra Gaca with Renault


Aleksandra Gaca

Palazzo Francesco Turati
Via Meravigli 7
20123 Milan

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Textile designer Aleksandra Gaca pushes the technical boundaries of weaving, for example with her 3D textiles. She works with architects and companies on bespoke and commercial solutions. “Since our world is increasingly digital, textiles are more important than ever for the feeling of safety and comfort they provide,” she says.

Aleksandra Gaca presents her latest custom textiles designed for Renault’s personal autonomous drive car of the future, SYMBIOZ. Car and lounge sofa inspired by the SYMBIOZ house – furnished with Bloko fabric- are part of a welcoming exhibition where visitors can relax in the lounge-like ambiance, see the car, experience the textiles, and learn more about the project.

Aleksandra Gaca
+31(0)6 2187 7211

Opening time
Tue 11.00-17.00 
Wed 11.00–22.00 
Thu-Sat 11.00–19.00 
Sun 11.00–16.00

Press Preview
Mon 16 Apr 15.00-18.00

Opening cocktail
Tue 17 Apr 18.00-21.00 (by invitation only)

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