Aectual, DUS architects

Aectual – Milan 2018

Aectual, DUS architects

Aectual Floors
Sustainable, customizable, 3D Printed floors


Aectual, DUS architects

Ventura Future, FutureDome
Via Paisiello 6
20131 Milan 

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Aectual Floors - Milan 2018

Aectual Floors - Milan 2018

Aectual, DUS architects

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Aectual is a design-driven construction-tech company that develops industrial 3D printing technologies and software tools to create customizable and affordable building products. We enable designers and companies to realize tailor-made designs at any scale in any building. Together we set a new standard in large scale, bio-based 3D printing towards a more personal, beautiful and sustainable future.

Aectual presents Aectual Floors: A unique bio-based 3D printed pattern flooring system combined with a terrazzo infill. For this exhibition Aectual teamed up with DUS architects, who developed several pattern designs that explore Aectual’s boundless freedom in flooring design.

Hedwig Heinsman
Asterweg 149
1031 HM Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 4850 1048

Opening time
17-21 Apr 10.00-20.00. Sun till 18.00

Award evening
Thu 19 Apr 20.00-22.00. 

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